Lady Gaga “Fame” Fragrance and Body Lotion Review


Gaga’s team cleverly designed a perfume that is black in color but once sprayed, it is claimed to go on transparent. The corresponding body lotion also comes in a creamy black and glittery liquid but once it is rubbed into your skin, it supposedly “disappears.”

I have to say I was disappointed with this product. The lotion gives your hands a strange tint – almost as if they’re dirty. The black pigment gets stuck under your nails as well. The scent is delightful, strangely a tad different from the eau de parfume. Does it moisturize? Not really. It’s as good as any generic lotion you can find on a shelf (even from the dollar store). The only good thing about it is the scent.

The fragrance wasn’t as eccentric as claimed to be. Sure, the packaging is cleverly done as well as the medium of the product in black. I just didn’t find it to be “all that.” It smells a bit fruity and woodsy and the same time. I wouldn’t risk spritzing it onto light clothing however. It’s just not worth the risk considering the poor quality of the lotion.

Overall, I’d give this product a 3/5 only because of it’s color ingenuity. Otherwise, it’s nothing special.


Celebrity Haircuts for Oval Face Shapes


Side swept bangs, volume at the crown, lose waves.
Key note: volume.
Also notice the subtle natural blush on her cheeks.

celebrity-long-hair-cutsA fuller side swept bang is harder to style but will cover an entire forehead. This is good for individuals with large forehead. Maintenance is required as bangs will grow out very fast. Again, lots of mid-length layers to add movement with shorter layers near the crown for volume.

simple-everyday-hairstyles-2Hilary Duff masks her large forehead with long face framing layers which she curves towards her face and then curves back again to create volume. This is a very solid look requiring hairspray or gel. Her crispy curls create volume.

long-face-hairstyles-2012-Jenifer Love Hewitt’s hair is sweet and flirty. Short bangs are not required. You can even use long layers to imitate this look. Just section a piece at the front, curve it outwards with a flat iron and then pin it towards the side. Balance the other side with small pieces to create balance and make sure you have volume at your crown as you pin half of your hair back. The loose curls beneath add dimension to the whole look.

look-thin-with-haircutChoppy layers, short at the top, longer at the bottom. To make a longer face appear rounder, this is the cut to go. Maintenance is required as well as blowdrying the bangs. Too much volume could however drown a small face.

long-faces-hairstylesTo keep long hair without looking sallow, add shorter layers at the front, around the face, and near the crown. Mask a large forehead by sweeping long bangs across it like Hilary Duff has here. This hairstyle is very low maintenance.

Long-Hairstyles-for-Thin-HairA very simple haircut with a light fringe which can be worn to the front or to the side.


Take note of these versatile bangs. They can be worn to the side or towards the front. Face framing wispy layers take attention away from facial structure. Layers are consistently cut from the front to the back to create volume.


Bangs can also be cropped in the middle to mask a high forehead. Again, lose waves around the face add fullness.


A high forehead has cleverly been hidden with a low side swooping bang. A shorter length also adds fullness to Jeniffer’s face.


Medium length hair with long but curved bangs make Jessica Alba’s face look larger than it actually is.


Front bangs styled to be put at the side. Blow drying the direction of the bangs while hair is still wet will achieve this look.

Premiere Of Warner Bros. "The Book Of Eli" - Arrivals

A round brush while blow drying will achieve this look. Add serum for shine. This style contains lots and lots of layers which are slightly flipped and curled at the ends to add dimension to the entire look.

How to make a face look round

cute-short-bob-hairstyle-for-long-facesEyes: You want to elongate your eyes to increase width.

Hair: Shorter hairstyles with bounce, volume at the sides, and a front fringe disguise the long features of a face.

Cheeks: Add blush to the fleshy part of your cheeks. Try not to contour all the way up to your temples as this contours a face to look more defined. We want to add plumpiness so blush just on the cheeks is going to get the job done.

Eyebrows: Thicker brows give a more youthful look. Thin faces can look more youthful with a thicker brow.

Skin Care Secret: Sunscreen

neutrogena-sunscreen-lWhether it’s summer or winter, sunscreen should be a staple product in your skin care regime. I will apply this after cleansing and applying moisturizer. I like Neutrogena’s line as it’s lightweight and will rarely break me out. Remember to check the expiration date as this product will last you a long time. It’s safe to use under makeup as well.

Price Range: $15 and up

Night cream for preventive skin care

Prevention is the key to skin care nowadays. If you are in your 20s, now is the time to begin your skin care regimen to ensure you have healthy skin by the time you reach your 30s or 40s. Remember, aging begins roughly around the age of 35.

I began including Vitamin E in my skin care routine. After cleansing and toning, I use Jamieson’s Provitemina E Cream with 30 000 UI. It’s a thick cream which should be massaged into your skin gently during application. Make sure you wash your face in the morning as this cream could cause extra oiliness and breakouts. It is very moisturizing and softens your skin. Using this product, I do feel I am doing my skin a favor.

It can be purchased at any large department store or drugstore for $15 and up.


Candy lips for warm skin tones

This color is a medium candy pink which is not sheer but is build-able. The only drawback is that it is drying and you need to exfoliate and prime your lips before using this product otherwise it will get into fine lines. It’s not too tacky but it is very girly and flirty if that’s the look you’re going for.

Color: Rimmel 102 by Kate Moss

katemosslipstickrimmel_1Rating: 4.5/5

Why: It can be drying. Moisturizer or primer needs to be used for smooth application. Vibrant color, fruity scent.

Perfect Red Lips For Any Skin Tone

I’ve struggled with finding the perfect shade of red for years. Sometimes its difficult deciding whether you are a warm tone or a cool tone. So, after a great hunt, I found a shade which is not only versatile, but also affordable and smooth!

I present you with Rimmel 01 by Kate Moss:

Rimmel-Kate-moss-lipstick-10Rating: 5/5

Why? Because it’s everything you want in a lipstick. Creamy, rich in color, lasting color. The color does fade over time especially after a meal but for the price, it’s well worth it.

Price: $4.99-8.99