CelebLook: Cher-Iloyd

LOVE the updo! Secret’s all in the teasing and hairspray.

Eyes: Extra Bold false lashes, pinks, deep blues, charcoal, layers of mascara.

I love the subtle makeup. She played up her eyes and kept everything else monotone. Her lips are a soft pearl, light peach blush. The gold earrings sophisticate the entire look.

No other accessories needed. A thick bracelet could be added.


Gold Rose Earings

It seems to be making a comeback. It’s a great accent choice with deep purples or browns. Brown eyes look gorgeous with it!
Larger earrings look good with with loose-barrel curls.

DIY: Hair Build Up

Back in the olden days, we’re talking 50s to 60s, it was NOT normal to shampoo your hair everyday. Notice how healthy and thick women’s hair was? It wasn’t until the extreme marketing of numerous shampoos did we begin to think we should wash it more often and now most of us can’t sleep without washing it.

The natural oil in your hair, sebum, is what makes your hair give off that healthy shine and keep it strong. The problem with daily shampooing is that before you give your hair a chance to distribute the sebum, you wash it out – that too with harsh chemicals.

Over time, these chemicals build up on your scalp and could cause itchiness, flaking, scabs, and overall dullness. There are numerous clarifying shampoos on the market but why not take a natural approach?

What you will need:

Baking Soda

Mix about 1 – 2 tblspoons of baking soda in your regular shampoo making sure you massage it well into your scalp. Do this for about 2 weeks.
For added clarifying, mix vinegar with baking soda and add water. Use this solution on your scalp for 2 weeks and your hair should have dramatic improvement. The vinegar will not smell. Follow up with olive oil or avocado for moisture.

CelebLook: Kim Kardashian

Hair: Soft Black hair dye

Eyebrows: Dark brown pencil smudged with an eyeshadow brush

Cheeks: Peach-pink blushes mixed together

Lips: Candy Pink by Rimmel

Eyes: Dark black liner all around. Teal shimmer shadow beneath the lower lash line. Pink and brown shadows on the upper lid. False lashes (bold volume) used.

Bronzer used on temples and hollows of cheeks.

Highlighter used on inner corners of eyes extending down towards cheeks, cupid’s bow, chin, and tip of nose.


Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick 260 Amethyst Shimmer

Extremely silky. I’ve been wearing it for 4 hours and it’s still on.
It will come off easily for example when you eat.
I see this lipstick finishing really fast as you will have to reapply it when it smudges off.
It’s very creamy so you may have to use a lip liner with it. Lip primer is optional. Be careful because it can go on your teeth.

The color is build-able. I opted for a lighter application to add a hint of color to my lips and it doesn’t look overly done at all.

Regular Price: 8.99
Special Sale: 4.99

Side Braid

Re-introduced by the ladies of “Gossip Girl,” part your hair from one side and french braid making sure the sides are as smooth as possible. You may want to start off with serum if you have freshly washed or rough hair.

Finish off with shine spray and hair spray to keep fly-aways down.

Dress it up with a loose bun or dress it down by leaving your hair down in beach waves.