Lady Gaga “Fame” Fragrance and Body Lotion Review


Gaga’s team cleverly designed a perfume that is black in color but once sprayed, it is claimed to go on transparent. The corresponding body lotion also comes in a creamy black and glittery liquid but once it is rubbed into your skin, it supposedly “disappears.”

I have to say I was disappointed with this product. The lotion gives your hands a strange tint – almost as if they’re dirty. The black pigment gets stuck under your nails as well. The scent is delightful, strangely a tad different from the eau de parfume. Does it moisturize? Not really. It’s as good as any generic lotion you can find on a shelf (even from the dollar store). The only good thing about it is the scent.

The fragrance wasn’t as eccentric as claimed to be. Sure, the packaging is cleverly done as well as the medium of the product in black. I just didn’t find it to be “all that.” It smells a bit fruity and woodsy and the same time. I wouldn’t risk spritzing it onto light clothing however. It’s just not worth the risk considering the poor quality of the lotion.

Overall, I’d give this product a 3/5 only because of it’s color ingenuity. Otherwise, it’s nothing special.


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