CelebLook: Cher-Iloyd

LOVE the updo! Secret’s all in the teasing and hairspray.

Eyes: Extra Bold false lashes, pinks, deep blues, charcoal, layers of mascara.

I love the subtle makeup. She played up her eyes and kept everything else monotone. Her lips are a soft pearl, light peach blush. The gold earrings sophisticate the entire look.

No other accessories needed. A thick bracelet could be added.


CelebLook: Kim Kardashian

Hair: Soft Black hair dye

Eyebrows: Dark brown pencil smudged with an eyeshadow brush

Cheeks: Peach-pink blushes mixed together

Lips: Candy Pink by Rimmel

Eyes: Dark black liner all around. Teal shimmer shadow beneath the lower lash line. Pink and brown shadows on the upper lid. False lashes (bold volume) used.

Bronzer used on temples and hollows of cheeks.

Highlighter used on inner corners of eyes extending down towards cheeks, cupid’s bow, chin, and tip of nose.