How to make a face look round

cute-short-bob-hairstyle-for-long-facesEyes: You want to elongate your eyes to increase width.

Hair: Shorter hairstyles with bounce, volume at the sides, and a front fringe disguise the long features of a face.

Cheeks: Add blush to the fleshy part of your cheeks. Try not to contour all the way up to your temples as this contours a face to look more defined. We want to add plumpiness so blush just on the cheeks is going to get the job done.

Eyebrows: Thicker brows give a more youthful look. Thin faces can look more youthful with a thicker brow.


Candy lips for warm skin tones

This color is a medium candy pink which is not sheer but is build-able. The only drawback is that it is drying and you need to exfoliate and prime your lips before using this product otherwise it will get into fine lines. It’s not too tacky but it is very girly and flirty if that’s the look you’re going for.

Color: Rimmel 102 by Kate Moss

katemosslipstickrimmel_1Rating: 4.5/5

Why: It can be drying. Moisturizer or primer needs to be used for smooth application. Vibrant color, fruity scent.

Perfect Red Lips For Any Skin Tone

I’ve struggled with finding the perfect shade of red for years. Sometimes its difficult deciding whether you are a warm tone or a cool tone. So, after a great hunt, I found a shade which is not only versatile, but also affordable and smooth!

I present you with Rimmel 01 by Kate Moss:

Rimmel-Kate-moss-lipstick-10Rating: 5/5

Why? Because it’s everything you want in a lipstick. Creamy, rich in color, lasting color. The color does fade over time especially after a meal but for the price, it’s well worth it.

Price: $4.99-8.99

The importance of blending!


Even if it’s translucent, blend it with your skin!!!!
If you are prone to dry areas, then make sure you moisturize and give enough time for the moisturizer to set in before you apply your makeup.
Use a primer as well.
It is so crucial to blend it otherwise it will just sit on your skin and look like Kidman! Eek!