Protect your hair from heat damage

I’ve been using this product on and off for the past 3 years. It’s a oil-based product but spritz just enough based on your hair’s thickness and it will give you an amazing shine after using a flat iron.

They can be found at Sally’s beauty supply for $12-13. A little goes a long way and my bottle usually lasts up to 16 months. This product will make your hair get greasy if you use too much but it WILL actually protect your hair – that I can say with confidence.

Rating: 4/5

Why? Because it is grease-prone and without practice you can easily look like a grease-pit even with freshly washed hair.

Tip: Look for deals. I currently purchased a new bottle with a BOGO promo.



What to look for in a facial moisturizer

Vitamin A:

Vitamin A compound retinol has shown the most promise for temporary wrinkle reduction.

Synthetic hydroxy acids:

are commonly found in moisturizers as well; they’re meant to exfoliate dead skin cells and trigger new skin cell growth

Soy compounds:

may even out skin tone and build collagen fibers that give skin its smooth texture.

Vitamin C

is also thought encourage collagen production, although it doesn’t interact well with vitamin A (which retinol is derived from).


So, you want retinal, collagen boosting ingredients, non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores), anti-oxidants mostly. These ingredients will prevent your skin from aging too fast and ALWAYS wear sunscreen whether it is winter or summer.

How much makeup is “too much” makeup?

E40BEEE8023E1E82C9A26AEDC30245C3Alright let’s take a look at this model over here…

Am I the only one who feels this look is way too drag queen?

Heres why:

You have to play up one thing – make it your central focus. Her lips are beautiful but the heavy eye makeup just makes them look clownly. The eyeshadow and false lashes would have looked great with a nude lipstick or sheer lip color.

To put it plainly, her makeup is overwhelming!

Remember ladies…pick ONE thing to accentuate: your eyes or lips. Skin is just as important. Yes you need a good base but again you must balance your blush, bronzer, or highlighter based on the emphasis you are putting on your lips or eyes!

CelebProfile: Why Does Katrina Kaif Look Different?


Dark makeup ages a woman.
Her dark brown lips and berry bronzer makes her look older than she looks like 2012!
Her hair looks frizzy and unruly and she has extra weight on her as well.
The center part is changed to a more flattering off-centered part.
Her natural black hair color suits her skin better than the dark brown she had earlier on.
Silky straight hair looks better than curly hair on her face.
She has had some plastic surgery…this we can’t really copy.
She wears more vibrant colors that add life to her face.
She doesn’t use much liner at the bottom anymore.
Her eyebrows are moreĀ  defined making her look more youthful.
Her lips look fuller with gloss and a lighter pink.
The waist clinching clothes make her look slimmer.
V-necks elongate her neck.
More definition on her upper lashes open up her eyes.

The importance of blending!


Even if it’s translucent, blend it with your skin!!!!
If you are prone to dry areas, then make sure you moisturize and give enough time for the moisturizer to set in before you apply your makeup.
Use a primer as well.
It is so crucial to blend it otherwise it will just sit on your skin and look like Kidman! Eek!